These 25 questions for camp directors will help you make the right choice for your child

For more than 100 years, summer camps have offered safe havens where children can breathe, reconnect with nature, make friends, try new things, and be part of a nurturing community that supports healthy growth and development.

The Upside

In a usual year, the first quarter is typically when schools and communities host summer camp fairs, offering parents and guardians a way to meet day and overnight camp directors, learn about their …

Building kids who connect

Why is summer camp good for kids? Among many known benefits, one study found that relationship skills are one of the most enduring and transferable outcomes of a summer camp experience.
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Experts agree that summer camp builds tenacity, resilience and grit

Resilience is “the capacity to rise above difficult circumstances, allowing our children to exist in this less-than-perfect world, while moving forward with optimism and confidence.”

Keeping camp costs budget friendly

Camp is a life-changing experience — one that’s possible for every child and every budget. Even though the experience is priceless, paying for it doesn’t have to be!